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You're in search of some workouts, and I'm here to make you sweat. I hope you enjoy this preview of the 8 Week Move Sweat Shred Workout Guide. For more detailed information about the science behind these intense, but doable circuits, I highly recommend reading this post after you're finished with your workout!

Exercise Smarter, Not Harder

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Enjoy this FREE 3-Day-Body-Burn as a preview into my favorite circuit-style workouts! Included is a lower-body, upper-body and HIIT (high intensity interval training) workout. Many of you have asked if this is a preview of the 8-Week Move Sweat Shred (there, I said it) Guide.

Yes and No. The Move Sweat Shred Guide is:

  • 5 Resistance + 1 Cardio Only Workouts Per Week

  • Cardio Recommendations for each day (LISS, Moderate, HIIT specific)

  • Easy-to-read downloadable PDF

  • Exercise videos in addition to pictures


I’ll be sharing more about the MOVE SWEAT SHRED Guide as we get closer to the release date (December 26th) and the GIVEAWAY that will be available to win for anyone who purchases during the first two weeks of its launch! (let’s just say I listened to every single one of you who commented on that post about potential prizes ;)

I know all the dates and details are the last thing on your mind during the Holiday season, but let me encourage subscribe to the e-mail notifications and post notifications on Instagram so you don’t barely miss a macro-coaching spot or the chance to win these awesome giveaways.  

I promise I’m not a spammer, in fact-- if I’m being totally candid with you, this is all a little outside my comfort zone. As someone who loves to sweat, track macros and share, I never thought it would be something enough people would be interested in that creating a workout program and taking on clients would even be a thought, let alone a reality.

Thank you for trying a workout, making a recipe, reading a blog post, watching an IG story…’s truly humbling and is top three on my list of reasons I’m thankful this year.

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