Birthday Blog

My sweet husband has been listening to me timidly talk about the idea of starting a blog of some kind for a few months now, and like most things I don't have full confidence in, I thought it wouldn't actually transpire. He would tell me, "you should do it!" "people would be interested," and "I'll help you with the technology side." So when my 25th birthday arrived and he surprised me with a domain name, started the formatting for this blog and ordered me a laptop to replace my pre-college Macbook, I knew I would have at least one reader (thanks, babe).

In all seriousness, this blog won't be taken too seriously. I'm going to use it as a way to provide information, workouts, recipes, healthy travel tips, and all the life that happens in between. These are parts of my daily life and if some of the things that work for me can be helpful for you, it will all be worth it. The blog will be a work in progress, not without growing pains I'm sure, but that's how new adventures ought to be! My hope is that it reaches the people it needs to and that it reaches deep into your habits to help create a life that allows you to do more, see more, and have more confidence in who you were designed to be. Sometimes we just need help with the first step (Drew nudging me to do more just talk about blogging), other times we need a swift kick in the pants--I'm not afraid to help with either ;)

For those who know me personally and intend to read this blog--you have to promise that nothing will change between us as you learn more and more about my quirks! I intend to be honest on here--so if I start preaching on how important stretching is, you can call me out (world's worst right here). Transparency is the quality that brings me back to my my favorite blogs, so you will find that here. 

And just like that, I am a completely stereotypical millennial with a blog (facepalm)