It’s here--the next 365 days are knocking on the door and somehow each year seems to come faster than the last. These days in between Christmas and New Years are usually spent ambitiously planning all the ways we will “improve.” Improve our organization, our diets, our bank accounts, our vacations, our exercise habits, our relationships, nothing is safe from our self-improvement plans.

I’ve learned that life isn’t segmented into years that starkly change from one to another, but days that weave together with little changes over long stretches that make up who we are and how we live. So live well. Whether it’s in the middle of June or the first of January, it’s worth doing well. None of our “big goals” happen without small steps of action, so act! I’m learning that the future happens a day at a time with no shortcuts and no reason to want them because the present is such a gift. In fact, the present is a gift that the future doesn’t offer, so again-- live well.

I can’t offer insight into many areas of your life, but I can promise you that each of those many areas will improve if your body is healthy, strong and equipped to live well. I say that with every ounce of understanding that our health is in God’s hands and people will face trials that no amount of human effort could prevent or change. For many, exercise is not a means to an end in itself-- it is a box to be checked just as brushing one’s teeth.

If I could offer you a change in perspective-- exercise is an opportunity to put the most complex piece of machinery you could never buy into action. It’s a chance to strengthen the heart that allows you to run with your children, your grandchildren. Exercise is an one of the most precious investments into your future that money cannot buy, but everyone can afford.

If you need a word of encouragement, here it is:

Your life shouldn't be defined by dramatic ups and downs, resolutions of restrictions or anything extreme. Your life is to be lived well, day in and day out with the body you have been privileged to steward for your time on earth.

One thing this past year has taught me is to dig deep into the areas of life that bring your passion and SHARE it in hopes of it enriching another life. Exercise and fitness is one that I have personally enjoyed for years, but committed to share in new ways this year:

Leggings /Top

The MOVE SWEAT SHRED 8 Week Guide is a compilation of the circuit training workouts I implement most often in my training. Circuit training is the most time effective way to maximize results when it comes to building lean muscle and losing fat. It challenges the body much more than cardio alone and I highly recommend resistance training (weights) as the basis of everyone’s exercise. The guide is affordable priced, can be done at home with some minimal equipment (dumbbells, step, resistance bands, medicine ball and kettlebell) and is easily modified (2 circuits instead of 4) for any fitness level.

To make things a little more fun, I've set up a giveaway for anyone who purchases the workout guide and/or macro coaching before January 15th and posts using the #MOVESWEATSHRED hashtag on Instagram. Prizes include:

  • Apple Watch 2

  • 2 RunJanji $100 Giftcards

  • Outdoor Voices Giftcard

  • Vital Proteins Supplements of Choice

  • WM Nutrition Supplements of Choice

  • Fierce and Regal Leggings 

  • Zyia Active Leggings

  • #GIRLGETAFTERIT Sweatshirt of Choice

  • G2GO Bars 

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Please know that movement of any kind is better than none, so above all, move!

Happy New Year-- Live Well