Day Dates, Carb Cycling and Protein Goals

For those of you who are familiar with the idea of tracking macros instead of calories (although they are similar concepts), let me offer some answers to BROAD questions that could help navigate a sometimes confusing conversation. I cannot answer extremely specific questions about what your personal macro count should be unless we work together in an 8 Week Coaching format, and that isn’t to be vague, it’s just that macros are the MOST individualized approach to nutrition and in order for your nutrition to accurately match all of the characteristics that make you who you are (height, weight, training style, goals, diet history, body type, carb sensitivity, non-exercise calorie expenditure, etc) I have get all the details to give you the best advice

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Meet My Friend, Becky!!

I like to think of Becky as a "pen pal," We haven't met in person, but our interests in running, healthy foods, and educating and inspiring others made us fast friends. I tell her once a week that she needs to open a restaurant because her food on any given day looks like a publication in Clean Eats magazine!

With the brightest smile, biggest heart, here's my friend, Becky

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Creating a Runner, a Person, a LIFE (#not pregnant)

Blogging is a stretch for me. To presume that someone wants to know about the topics I choose to write, the ways I spend my time, the clothes I wear during workouts--it all seems a bit self-absorbed. A few circumstances recently have put blogging, the importance (or lack thereof)-- in perspective. Watching dear friends go through hardships that can’t be alleviated tends to put me in introspective funks and I think it’s good to allow those thoughts to sink in for a time. Life is fragile-- time is presumed, but not promised.

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