Simple Summer Weeknight Dinner (low carb)

This past weekend, I experienced something for the first time in my life--a wedding of two people over the age of seventy-five. My husband's Grandma married a man from her church in small, sweet church wedding ceremony that included her kids and even some grand kids. The pastor talked about making the most of their "twilight" years and being a team in their service for Christ and each other for as many years as they have together. It got me thinking of the marriage years I'm in right now, and how I don't want to waste a single day with Drew for however many years we have. All that deep thought resulted in me thinking of a dinner I could make him that included some of his favorite flavors. I'm a firm believer in the "little things" that show love day in and day out and create an environment of thoughtfulness and fun for the other person, so here's how our little dinner went down:

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