Name *
What was your motivation for choosing to learn how to count macros? What do you hope to learn through the process?
*I HIGHLY RECOMMEND READING THROUGH YOUR MACRO GUIDE BEFORE ANSWERING THESE QUESTIONS REVERSE DIET You will be increasing your caloric intake at a controlled rate in order to build metabolism without excessive weight gain. This is a slower process, but some people end up losing weight as their metabolism grows. This process sets you up to lose fat in the future more easily. FAT LOSS You will be decreasing your Body Fat Percentage (BFP) and overall weight.
Help me get to know you and the way you are motivated. It’s very beneficial to understand how a person intends to use their calories and macros and what types of accomplishments you hope to achieve. Be a go-getter! Are there any specific, personal goals that you want to share/ hope to accomplish throughout this process? Example: Overcome binge eating tendencies, run a 5k, qualify for the Boston Marathon, build lean muscle by lifting weights, PR your deadlift, etc.
Describe your “dieting” history. Have you been intentionally trying to lose weight for a while? What methods have you used? How long have you been dieting? Do you feel that your body is unresponsive despite extremely restricting calories and attempting different “diets”? Have you had an unhealthy relationship with food in the past? Feel free to be open and honest so we can begin to create habits that lead to lasting change!
Do you have a job that demands a lot of physical activity? (P.E. Teacher, Nurse, Spin Instructor) Briefly explain your job or what you do daily--including non-workout activities and choose one of the following lifestyle categories: --> Sedentary (desk job) --> Moderately active (mostly sedentary with light activity such as housework) --> Active (most of your time is spent on your feet--teacher, hairdresser, nurse) --> Very Active (fitness instructor, construction worker, painter, athlete)
How many days per week do you workout
Explain your typical workout routine (weights, cardio, circuits, spin classes, marathon training, etc) The more specific, the better! I love the sweaty details ;) Also, let me know the perceived intensity level (average heart rate, calories burned per minute if you have access to that data) of your workouts and the typical duration of your workouts. What are your physical goals? Lean out? Build muscle? Be specific!
If you have tracked calories or have a general estimation of your daily consumption (if not, that’s fine, too!)