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At Home. Travel. On-the-GO.

  • Meant to be Done from anywhere

  • minimal equipment necessary

  • No more excuses!

  • 4 Weeks (20 days) of killer workouts


The flexibility of this guide is designed to encourage effective workouts whether you complete them at home, your hotel room or anywhere you find yourself! When excuses are eliminated and there is a plan to follow, we are more likely to break a sweat. Do not fall into the trap that the only way to get quality resistance workouts is in the gym-- it’s not the case!

Equipment Needed

  1. Variety of Loop Resistance Bands

  2. Leg Resistance Bands

  3. Bench, Box, or Step

  4. Securing Spot

I highly recommend Hope Fitness Gear’s bands. I have used them consistently for months and have nothing but good things to say about them.

3 Ways to Purchase MSS Anywhere

Includes a PDF download of the entire workout plan. This PDF can be printed on your own. Great for those who do not want to subscribe to the Moves App, but want to own the workout plan. PDF includes links to videos for every exercise.

The same as the PDF Only version, but you will also receive a printed version of the guide on your doorstep.

Will ship 11/28

With your subscription to the app, you will get access to the MSS Anywhere workout plan. Not only that, you get instant access to the Weekly Moves Workouts and the Move. Sweat. Shred. 8 week workout plan. All of this comes in a user-friendly app experience.