My name is Madeline and I got tired of being the only 25 year old who had not yet started a blog. Don’t worry though, my interests are completely unique: fitness, healthy eating and traveling (so original, right?!). My adventure-loving husband, Drew, is the trip planner and man behind any decent photos you see on this blog. He has opened my eyes to so many new parts of the world through his passion for travel and I have opened his eyes to shiratake noodles and Halo Top ice cream.


We met as collegiate soccer players, fell in love on the beaches of Florida and now live in Greenville, South Carolina. We both still crave outlets to compete and stay active. For me, this has resulted in a love for running, weightlifting and circuit training (for Drew it’s as many men’s soccer leagues as he can find).

Nutrition became an interest of mine in high school and although I pursued a degree Physical Education in college, I haven’t stopped educating myself about the relationship between our bodies and food. I enjoy tweaking recipes into healthier versions, then seeing if my family and friends notice (avocado chocolate torte for Mother’s Day was my first bait and switch).

I “work” (it’s so fun) as an elementary and middle school P.E. teacher and soccer coach, so each day is filled with the opportunity to shape the outlook that the next generation has on activity, health and dodgeball wizardry. Life is a God-given adventure, it really is--and I hope to share some of mine with you while enabling you to thoroughly enjoy yours to the fullest.