Personal Macro Consultation

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Personal Macro Consultation


Your personalized macro count and resources will be sent to you via your provided email address within 3 BUSINESS DAYS of purchase.

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**Allow 3 Business Days from purchase to receive your custom macro count and resources**

Purpose: To provide an accurate macro count personalized to your specific needs and goals while providing ample resources to educate all macro counters and instill confidence in your personal tracking approach.

What is Included?

1. Detailed questionnaire that gathers information to ensure accuracy and progress towards individual goals: fat loss, maintenance, body recomposition, growth phase, etc.

**Appropriate for pregnant, nursing, vegan, vegetarian, and other dietary preferences.

2. Custom Macro Count for your current needs as well guidance on how to make changes in future phases

3. Discount Code for $10 off Weekly Moves Workouts and $10 off Lillie Loves Macros Cookbook

3. Resource Manual (20+ Pages):

  1. Macronutrients Explained

  2. Tracking Daily Macros

  3. Creating Recipes,  Meal Planning, Tracking Alcohol

  4. Simplified Approach (substituting carbs and proteins interchangeably)

  5. Tips For Success: Estimating, Eating Out, Pre-Logging, Workout Fueling

  6. Meal Plan Templates (@Lillielovesmacros)

4. Frequently Asked Questions & Answers:

  • How Do I Know if Adjustments are Needed?

  • How Long Should I Follow These Macros?

  • How Can I Estimate Meals?

  • How Should I Adjust for Extra Activity?

  • Raw vs.Cooked?

The Personalized Macro Consultation is an excellent alternative to my 1:1 Macro Coaching ($225) that is currently full and will not open for the foreseeable future. I am confident in the resources provided in this program and while I wish that I could offer weekly check-ins and the accountability of 1:1 coaching with everyone, it is not possible at this time. I know this will serve you well in giving confidence to your nutritional approach as you are consistent with your approach!