What is Included?

Your Personal Macro Count

  • Personal "FAT LOSS" Macro Count calculated based on questionnaire
  • Informative PDF outlining the process of tracking macros and how to adjust to MAINTENANCE macros after the 30 days. 
  • Carb Cycling Approach for Maximum Fat loss
  • Private Facebook Group access for support, recipes, motivation and community

4 Weeks of Highly intensive workouts

  • 30 Days of specifically created workouts to maximize fat loss in conjunction with carb cycling.
  • 5 Muscle Group specific workouts + 1 Full Body Workout + Prescribed Cardio (can be easily subbed for running workouts)
  • User-friendly App version or printed version depending on preference
  • Videos embedded in the app for easy to follow FORM 
  • AT-HOME Friendly with minimal equipment: Dumbbells, Medicine Ball, Resistance Bands, Resistance Cables, Step (kettlebell not required, but helps) 

wHEN Can I expect to receive my macro count and workouts?

The sooner you purchase and complete the Macro Assessment, the sooner you receive your macro count!

Personal Macro Count w/ Informational PDF - Sunday, April 22nd by 10pm

(This is only guaranteed if your purchase before Friday, April 20th at 5pm)

Workouts will be sent out at before midnight on Sunday, April 22nd to start Monday

Interested in the Workouts Only? purchase the workout plan separately for $30.