The Wind Under My Wings--GIft Ideas

There is a special dynamic between every couple-- unique memories, special places, inside jokes and stories of crossed paths. It’s a futile attempt to compare relationships because each one is so incredibly personal and fulfilling to the counterpart that an outsider’s validation should mean nothing. Social media has a trend of glamorizing everything and relationships are no exception. In all honesty, I think we all know that our apologies, failed plans, and vulnerable moments play a role in knitting our hearts together as much as the “mountain tops” and skipped heart beats.

I could go easily write about all the ways Drew proves to me through his actions (more than his words) that he is out of my league and could probably convince you rather quickly, but I won’t embarrass him. Instead, I’m going to encourage you to be intentional and extra thoughtful about prioritizing others with your time throughout the holidays and share some gift ideas that may give you some ideas on ways to make the guy in your life feel like the stud he is… you ;)

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8 Weeks to Self-Sufficiency

Many of the skills we learn in school during elementary grades are important to know (multiplication, cursive, how to use a dictionary), but if we are honest, we don’t implement them every single day. Macro counting is a similar skill because even if you weighing food,  tracking your macros in an app or looking at nutrition labels for the rest of your life isn't sustainable, it can help you understand principles that will keep your physical goals SO much more maintainable.

In order to fully know why counting macros DOES work according to your individual needs and goals, let’s understand why other approaches often don’t.

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At-Home Teeth Whitening & Tanning: GIVEAWAY

Beauty-related topics aren’t really my niche, but these are two things that go a long way in my opinion-- a good tan, and a white smile. Those are probably high on my priority list because they stay put even when everything else sweats off. I’m embarrassingly minimal with my day-to-day routine and nothing that slows down my 25 minute shower + hair + makeup whirlwind routine in the morning will last long. Thankfully, I run around with kids most of the day and their expectations are pretty low in that category-- a rousing game of dodgeball and they are more than impressed. 

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FREE 3-Day Body Burn + FAQ's

While I don’t think there is any reason to “earn your Thanksgiving dinner” by exercising more than you normally would, I am hoping to incentivize you to not skip those workouts by sharing a little extra sweaty treat! It’s no secret around the blog or my Instagram that I love the variety, efficiency and RESULTS that circuit training in a strategic way brings to the exercise equation.

Enjoy this FREE 3-Day-Body-Burn as a preview into my favorite circuit-style workouts! Included is a lower-body, upper-body and HIIT (high intensity interval training) workout. Many of you have asked if this is a preview of the 8-Week Move Sweat Shred (there, I said it) Guide.

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Utah Day 1: Itinerary always FULL

So, the other day Drew tried to slip the idea of buying a tricked out van to travel out West into our conversation….and he was dead serious. As with most things he says, this idea was prefaced by research, thought, number-crunching and an adventuresome spirit. And in stark contrast, my response was rash, narrow-minded and less than supportive. I’m working on reactions to ideas that aren’t my own and how I handle the one opportunity I have to give my “first impression.”

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Try Something New (workout + recipe)


Above all, the purpose of this blog is to educate and equip you with ideas that spur you to try something new, break or create a habit, and enjoy each new day and its opportunities. SO here's a workout and a recipe and I'm challenging you to try at least one

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Simplified: Traveling and Tracking-- (worth it? impossible?)

These tips are beneficial for someone who tracks their macros or just strives to live a healthy lifestyle on the go. I would argue that the truest test of having a firm grasp on your nutrition is being able to sustain your habits during travel. It's necessary to realize that their is very attainable middle ground between packing every meal your are going to consume during your trip and not giving a second thought to your choices because you're traveling and it's just impossible to eat the way you would at home.

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Social Media (Utah Edition): Potentially Good, Inevitably Not....

Now it may seem that Drew and I float off to different places on a whim without a care in the world, but it’s not quite that glamorous and I’d like to shed some light on the perfectly curated, edited world of social media and how we interact with it. Something happened as we made our way through the Greenville airport that grounded me quickly--

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