The Wind Under My Wings--GIft Ideas

There is a special dynamic between every couple-- unique memories, special places, inside jokes and stories of crossed paths. It’s a futile attempt to compare relationships because each one is so incredibly personal and fulfilling to the counterpart that an outsider’s validation should mean nothing. Social media has a trend of glamorizing everything and relationships are no exception. In all honesty, I think we all know that our apologies, failed plans, and vulnerable moments play a role in knitting our hearts together as much as the “mountain tops” and skipped heart beats.

I could go easily write about all the ways Drew proves to me through his actions (more than his words) that he is out of my league and could probably convince you rather quickly, but I won’t embarrass him. Instead, I’m going to encourage you to be intentional and extra thoughtful about prioritizing others with your time throughout the holidays and share some gift ideas that may give you some ideas on ways to make the guy in your life feel like the stud he is… you ;)

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